Dealing with Professionals Debt Collectors for Your Advantage

Debtors do not know how to deal with debt collectors when they knock on their doors or they contact them wanting them to pay debts. Due to the feeling of shame and embarrassment, most them become defensive and rude to the debt collectors. Others become confused, which gives harsh debt collectors an opportunity to harass them. It is important to know how to deal with debt collectors even if you are sure you will not come across one in the near future. It will help you avoid penalties or negative effect on your credit cards. According to Paul Mackenzie here is what to do when you encounter one.

Do not ignore the debt collector.

When the debt collectors calls you, pick up their calls and communicate with them. Ignoring them does not solve them but rather makes it worse. If there is a mistake about the debt make sure you discuss it with him. If you actually have a debt to pay negotiate a better plan on how you are going to pay.

Keep communication lines open.

Make sure the debt collector can communicate with you anytime. Written communications are preferred more than phone conversations only. This because, you are creating a paper trail this way Keep a record of payments you have already made

It is always a good idea to keep receipts. If you have lost them, contact the original creditor and get a copy. This is to avoid mix up with the debt collector if there is confusion with his amount. Keep track with all the dealings with the debt collector. Take notes of the conversation and not the dates and time.
Know your right

Even if you are cooperating with the debt collector, you should know your rights as a consumer and not let him harass you. There are rules preventing debt collectors from taking advantage of you so be aware of them. There are limits to what the debtor collector can do while trying to get you to pay up.
Fight back if the debt collector is harassing you.

Never allow the collector to intimidate. There are legal procedures you can take like reporting him to the consumer attorney for assistance.
Seek legal assistance if it is necessary
Sometimes it can get to a point where you cannot handle the debt collector by yourself. You have the right to hire a lawyer if you feel this way. What are some of the things you consider when choosing a reliable debt consultant? Make sure that.…